Anansi: The Spider's Story

Creating the World anew! Anansi faces his greatest challenge: To save his beautiful world from destruction by greed, anger and corruption!

How it all began...

Anansi stories are an ancient African tradition from the Ashanti

tribe but have grown wildly in the Caribbean. They have given

rise to western fairytales such as Brier Rabbit and Brier Fox.


Anansi is considered to be the first spider ever created, a

loveable trickster and rascal. His antics are designed to teach

morals for all, particularly those growing up in the world.

We formulated a traditional story and original tale with great

moral perception.


Our version... 

We all know the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. That they were supposed to be the first people created on earth. But, none of this is true.


What really happened is the cration of the spider as the most intellegent creature on earth and the first spider was called Anansi.


This is his story of hoa things went seriously sour in the "Garden of Even" (actually a mispronunciation by man) and how his world was turned upside down at the crucial moment when the Spiders could have remained top dog in the pecking order.


This is an intriguing look into how an early civilisation got off on the wrong foot from the spider's point of view. How many of the issues facing us today were relevant then. Though much is fun and positive, it also covers a simplistic look at how our common expressions came into being as well as our phobias, dislikes and disregard for the value of life and the environment in which it exists.

Flexible in format presentation, the story can be presented as either motion picture or episodic TV series.


GENRE:           Animation Adventure.


Time & Place:  At the beginning of civilisation/pre-Caribbean Land  mass. 


PROTAGONIST: Anansi the trickster – The first spider ever created – a loveable rogue.


GOAL:                 To win the hand of the younger Princess Jade so as to bring peace and harmony to his world destroyed by greed, anger and corruption.


OBSTICLES: Prejudice: a growing dislike of spiders and Arachnophobia. As a trickster he’s blamed for everything, even if it’s not his fault.

                            Death of the Eldest princess Caribbeana of the Shotan Kingdom just as she was about to marry the prince of the Azuma Kingdom.

                            All spiders are sent into exile due to the death of Princess Caribbeana.

                            A Banker and Lawyer of learn of Gold in a neighbouring land and set a path of greed to obtain it by corruption, deception and distrust.

A massive storm erupts and rips their land apart producing the Seas, Islands and Continents.


GETS GOAL?       Partially. Anansi brings back balance but doesn’t get the girl. What remains is at great cost to both life and the world as it was.


LEARNED?         The destructive effects of power when used without wisdom.


ARC:                   Traditionally, Anansi is arrogant and doesn’t learn his lesson. But here he uses his tricky character to win the day after so much persecution.


WHAT IF:           If trouble had eight legs it would be in the shape of the spider, Anansi!


In a Nutshell:    Ants meets The Slipper and the Rose, The Lion King and Aladdin.


MARKET:       8-12 yrs + adult (Universal). A mass-market story of a moral tale designed to subtly educate, based on the consequences of our actions. Will appeal to schools as well. Anansi tales are ancient tradition designed as moral guidelines.


COMMERCIALITY: Kids love animal stories and adventures. This is a strong paced, lively event with multiple levels of action. With a twist in the tale, a revelation at the end and a moral story with a sense of continuation and more to come.

                            Anansi already has a great following and fan base in both the Afro/Caribbean and North European communities. He is a cultural born character as is Santa Claus, allowing for a much wider audience.